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United Colors of Benetton is the leading Italian fashion brand in terms of transparency

The finding is published in the 2020 edition of the Fashion
Transparency Index, an annual report that analyses the ability
of major fashion brands around the world to disclose credible
information about their supply chains

For the second consecutive year, United Colors of Benetton ranks among the fashion brands most committed to disseminating credible information on the social and environmental impact of their operations according to the Fashion Transparency Index.
“When consumers are equipped with more — and better quality, credible — information about the social and environmental impacts of the clothes they buy, they are able to make better informed decisions,” the report explains.
United Colors of Benetton achieved an overall score of 55 the highest among all Italian fashion companies and among the best ten globally. This is a big leap forward from just four years ago, when the brand’s score was 17 percent.
Among the categories analysed by the index, traceability is the one in which United Colors of Benetton obtained the best result, with a score of 73% (against an average of 16%). It is the fourth best result among all the brands analysed globally, and rewards the commitment the company is making in mapping its supply chain.
Published by Fashion Revolution, since 2013 the Fashion Transparency Index has been analysing the level of transparency of 200 major clothing brands and retailers, evaluating five categories: compliance with environmental and social commitments, governance of environmental and social policies, supply chain traceability, control and remediation actions at suppliers, and the ability to deal with specific issues such as waste management, freedom of association and or the use of sustainable materials.

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