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Tease with a smile, add personality to your wardrobe. Sisley’s FW 2020 provides a fashion experience with the taste of freedom – one to accompany us in life and towards normality – and with a strong dose of urban coolness, which is embedded in the DNA of a brand that has made casual look history.

Early fall is severe, but poetic. Fluid fabrics such as satin and georgette are the choice for looks featuring cool shades of purple, ice and pink. Modernist lines constructed with almost oriental exactness create a look with an international feel, perfect for fall.
As temperatures drop, the season’s absolute musts – tartan and windowpane checks – make their appearance on long dresses and full skirts as well as on suits with masculine appeal, revamped with eco-fur and vinyl accessories. Hints of Seventies campus style, with “good girls” in reassuring Ivy League uniforms, and the “rebels” with music festival looks. Velvets, turtlenecks, cinched waist jackets and flared pants are the protagonists. A sort of 2020 version of the comedy-drama “We All Loved Each Other So Much”, with warm shades of terracotta, pink and camel mixed with forest green lurex yarn. Details make the difference: – ruches, bows, little scarves to tie around the neck, maxi buckles and eye-catching accessories. Sisley draws inspiration from Jim Morrison and Grace Slick imagery: dévoré velvets, silk, fluid fabrics and faux-leather stretch pants, in shades of purple and crimson mixed with hazel brown. Versatility is the name of this style game: – wear the slim fit suit with a flamboyant shirt for evenings, or with a pink wool turtleneck during the day. The same goes for many of the FW20 cult pieces, from V-neck jacquard sweaters to faux leather pleated skirts. This collection is also for daydreamers, so for them there are cream-color ruched shirts, floral dresses in burgundy and blue, Prince of Wales coats or capes and check maxi dresses, roomy volumes, soft fits, tulle and lace. Eco-croc shoulder bags and riding boots are absolute must-haves.
But there are is also jerseys, wools and technical yarns in army-chic style, with clean-cut lines: see the cinched waist suit with pencil skirt and the double-breasted maxi coat. Black and olive green are this urban warrior’s colours.
For a more business-look casual, there are tapered suits, flared lines and separates. A utility yet elegant vibe in chalk and egg nuances, with light brown and black contrasts, and paint brushstrokes on fluid dresses and viscose tops, suits and maxi-dresses. The season’s must-have – high-waisted, belted palazzo pants – gets paired with the eco-leather blazer, double-breasted camel jacket or bouclé maxi cardigan. Then there’s that sexy, never banal, graphite black in a pin-striped version on long dresses and masculine suits. Make bold in the evenings with a witty, deluxe style. Everyone on the dance floor, but with exquisite details – flounces, ruches, lurex, structured necklines and liquid velvets – as if couture had come down from the catwalk to dance with Sisley women.
A soft appeal, an unmistakably masculine style that is – however – not rigid. Dress like you’re on a movie set, taking your cue from Steve McQueen and Paul Newman in the great classics of the Seventies: ribbed turtlenecks worn under corduroy jackets, unlined suits with check details. An impressive knitwear range includes basic cotton pieces, extra virgin merino wool, flannel, cashmere blends and 3D knits. The Sisley man’s sartorial appeal lies in his choice of slim fit coats, three-button jackets and micro check blazers worn with easy-going charm. Colors are “serious” shades of lead grey, carbon paper blue, and army, forest and bottle green.
Sisley’s more urban spirit reflects an industrial flair that mixes technical fabrics like nylon, eco-suede and neoprene with a clean-cut style. Minimal chic, and precise, fitted lines feature on sweatshirts, cigarette pants, reefer jackets and duffle coats with a cosmopolitan feel. Puffer jackets, bombers and check-pattern, boiled wool jackets: whether it’s sporty casual or more urban, the Sisley’s man’s look consists of mixable, well-constructed, key pieces.
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