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The newly-renovated location, in the historic centre of Treviso, designed by architect Tobia Scarpa

Sisley has chosen May 18 to unveil the renovated store in Via XX Settembre, in the heart of Treviso. Following the coronavirus emergency, the brand is delivering a tangible message of hope and freedom to all its customers by offering a new way to enjoy shopping responsibly and safely.
The new Sisley store is an experimental project that combines light, creativity and flexibility to offer customers an increasingly distinctive shopping experience, in line with the contemporary market scene.
The shop is an innovative, simple and essential space that is part of the brand repositioning strategy already underway for several seasons. The setting is characterised by the skilful use of the brand’s colours – white, black, dark red – and by a graphic interpretation of the Sisley logo in the stairwell. Mannequins are replaced by two-dimensional silhouettes, with men’s and women’s faces hand-drawn by Scarpa.
The new location also serves as an experimental workshop for new display and customer service techniques that will then be transferred to the brand’s broader sales network. The Sisley label continues its repositioning towards the Bridge segment and is pursuing a commercial strategy that focuses its presence in the main Italian and European cities, with stores bearing a strong identity and in prestigious locations, such as those in Venice, Turin, Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples, Berlin, Paris and Seoul.
Sisley’s new store reopens in strict accordance with national and regional government safety directives/provisions that have been implemented throughout Sisley’s commercial network. Benetton Group’s most contemporary and irreverent brand announces: “Finally … Freedom!”, metaphorically evoking the freedom of its customers who can now return to enjoy shopping while respecting the rules. In particular, a limited number of people are allowed in the stores, ventilation is guaranteed, surfaces and areas are disinfected, in accordance with current regulations. Customers are asked to maintain the minimum safety distance, wear masks and frequently use the hand sanitisers provided in the stores.
With 700 locations worldwide, Sisley is the Group’s fashion brand with a contemporary casual chic image, whose products are characterised by a strong stylistic and sensual identity. Sisley also distinguishes itself through great attention to detail and quality, coupled with an accessible positioning.